Jasmine Moradi

About Me

Jasmine Moradi

Behavioural Sound Scientist and UX Researcher

Through user experience
and market research, my expertise is to identify what actually
makes your customer's tick!

I am fascinated by the power of Emotional Marketing, Branding, E-Commerce and Technology.


My name is Jasmine Moradi, and I am known in the music industry for having conducted the world’s most significant scientific in-store music research reports with my ex-colleagues at Soundtrack Your Brand with HUI

My expertise is through Behavioural Science and User Experience Research to identify what makes customers tick! I scientifically uncover the connections between consumers’ hearts, minds & behaviour and product needs.

Jasmine Moradi

Behavioural Sound Scientist and UX Researcher

Jasmine Moradi - Behavioural Sound Scientist & User Experience Researcher | Consultant | Podcast | Audio | Insights | Behaviour | Music


The subconscious sound experience

Behavioural Sound Scientist

Bridging the Audio Business – Sound Science Gap by Quantifying Audio ROI.

Usability, In-depth interview & survey

UX Researcher

Bridging the Gap Between Users, Design and Product Metrics to Build Better Technology.


Consumer Insight Analyst

Bridging the Gap Between Brands and Audiences. Creating Limbic Sparks® When Emotional Motivation meets Brand Desire.

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About Me

I am an Iranian that grew up in Sweden, and I have a big passion for Behavioural Science, UX Research, AI and Audio Branding. I love interviewing people to understand what makes them tick and tell their stories.


Research techniques

  • Qualitative survey
  • Quantitative interviews
  • Field research
  • Focus groups
  • Usability testing
  • Data Collection
  • Secondary Research
  • Gap Analysis
  • Top Task Analysis
  • A/B Testing

Press & Media

150 + press articles. 


To dig deep into the brain and the mind of consumers to grow business sales. Turning consumer insights into Superior Products, Powerful Content Marketing and  Robust Research Capabilities.


  • People person
  • Relationship builder
  • Initiative taker
  • Planner
  • Team worker
  • Strategist
  • Inquisitive interviewer 
  • Curious communicator & Problem-solver


Heal the world with music’s power and increase the value of sound and music, so artists get the value they deserve for their magical art.

in-Store music research

Featured in 150 + articles

The background effect of music on staff and sales

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Effects of employees' opportunities to influence in-store music on sales: Evidence from a field experiment

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data-driven song recognition estimation using collective memory dynamics models

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The Hidden Value of Music Business

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The impact of music in restaurants

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What does your brand sound like?

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