About Jasmine Moradi

My expertise is through scientific research Identify
what makes your customers tick!

Educating Brand Leaders about the Power of Emotions on How to Speak to Consumers Heart.
Helping Brand Leaders to Drive Insights from Consumer Research, by Unveiling
Connections Between Consumers’ Heart & Minds and Behavior.
The subconscious sound experience

Behavioral Sound Scientist

Bridging the Audio Business – Sound Science
Gap by Quantifying Audio ROI.
Usability, In-depth interview & survey

UX Researcher

Bridging the Gap Between Users, Design
and Product Metrics to Build Better Technology.

Consumer Insight Analyst

Bridging the Gap Between Brands and Audiences. Creating Limbic Sparks® When Emotional Motivation meets Brand Desire.

About Me

An Iranian that grew up in Sweden.  I am super passionate about Behavioral Science, AI and Audio Branding. I  love understanding what makes people tick and to speak to peoples heart. 

Research techniques

Qualitative and quantitative interviews, field research, focus groups, UX research and survey design. 

Press & Media

150 + press articles. 


Dig deep into the brain
and the mind of customers
to grow business sales. And 


People person, Relationship builder, initiative taker, planner, team worker, strategist, Inquisitive, Curious communicator & problem-solver.


Researcher, sales & marketing, Storyteller, public speaker, Podcaster and educator. 


Heal the world with the
power of music and to increase the value of sound and music, so artists get their value they deserve for their magical art.

Groundbreaking in-Store music research

Let us work on your next Audio & UX Research Project

The background effect of music on staff and sales

  • Soundtrack
  • HUI
  • The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council
  • Filippa K
  • Hästens 
  • Jasmine Moradi

Effects of employees' opportunities to influence in-store music on sales: Evidence from a field experiment

  • Soundtrack
  • HUI
  • Filippa K
  • Jasmine Moradi

data-driven song recognition estimation using collective memory dynamics models

  • Soundtrack
  • FuturePulse (Horizon2020)
  • Jasmine Moradi

The Hidden Value of Music Business

  • Soundtrack
  • Nielsen Music 
  • Jasmine Moradi

The impact of music in restaurants

  • Soundtrack
  • HUI
  • McDonalds
  • Jasmine Moradi

What does your brand sound like?

  • Soundtrack
  • Stockholm School of Economics
  • Jasmine Moradi