Choosing famous songs in Audio Branding may not be beneficial.

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Jasmine Moradi:
Another of your research areas touches the famous melodies stimulus set, and for me this is a very interesting and relevant topic because both in my own music research and in discussion with my friend Dr. Bradley Wines from a previous podcast. He and I spoke around that choosing famous and well-known songs in audio branding is not always beneficial so let us talk about your research findings around this area, and your thoughts and learnings around brands using famous melodies in their audio branding.
Amy Belfi:
Yeah, so the famous melody stimulus is a recent paper that I published and that actually was derived from my very first work that we talked about with the patients of the temporal pole. So in that task as I said we presented them with a bunch of famous melodies like “Twinkle twinkle little star” etc. and for that first paper I had to generate all these melodies myself I had to come up with a list and I really always wished that there was like a stimulus that already available that I could have just used.
And so now I just decided I’m going to make that stimulus set and put it out there for other researchers to use. So we took all the simulators in that first paper we did like a online survey. where we asked people like “Name the most famous melodies you can think of “, then we generated all these melodies. We put all the melodies online, we had people rate them for like their emotional content, their familiarity. We ask them to name them and so the whole point of that paper is to create a set of melodies that are highly familiar recognizable and that have ratings on lots of different categories so that other researchers if they wanted to see, you know using these to see if people with Alzheimer’s disease have memory for the melodies they can just use our stimuli instead of having to reinvent the wheel and create them from scratch. 
In terms of like brands using famous melodies. I can see how that might be a negative, because everybody has associations with these melodies whether good or bad. They already have you know feelings and semantic associations and memories that they are associated with these. So that could influence how they feel about a brand, and you don’t really know like you don’t have you have less control if you use something famous because. Then it could be evoking things or other people that you have no idea what it’s evoking.
Jasmine Moradi:
Because it comes in a package, as you say, with a lot of other association, which becomes a distraction.
Then of the focus of like now I have to focus on this advertising, what is the message.  Your brain goes somewhere so super interesting.