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Music expresses and influences our emotions. Cloud Cover Music was founded on the belief that listening to the right music at the right time of day can boost the desired ambiance and motivate positive emotions & behaviors for a greater experience.

The challenge we relentlessly pursue is determining the needs of our customers and our customers’ customer! We want to understand what their goals are then help them achieve those. We provide clean, ad-free, targeted music and overhead messages at the right time. We also provide guidance to our customers and help them achieve their branding consistency.

With many thousands of locations playing Cloud Cover Music in the US and Canada, we also understand the operational, IT and legal challenges related to installing and operating a music service at scale, combined with the complexities of licensing for Public Performance.

We have developed a low cost, reliable way to avoid fines and complex paperwork from Performing Rights Organizations by making sure our customers are completely covered; every subscription includes the appropriate licensing fees and reporting. The artists and songwriters are the ones that help make the connections with the customers, so we believe they should be paid appropriately.