Creating Limbic sparks.
When emotional motivation meets brand desire.

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Kevin Perlmutter:
What I’m starting with is foundational brand strategy. What I’m doing is, I’m helping my clients turn emotional insights into a competitive advantage. I’m helping them understand what it is about the people they want to reach that they need to know that allows them to create stronger connections, so I look at things from both sides, I look at what the brand is all about, why does the brand exist in the world. I believe that brands should only exist to make people’s lives better, so sometimes they do that very well, and sometimes they started out that way, and they got a little off track, and now they’re more focused on short-term sales cycles and not as focused on the bigger picture of how that brand can make people’s lives better. I also believe that people are not walking around looking for brands, I think people are walking around looking to solve life’s challenges to have a good time they’re looking to enjoy life more and get more out of it and if they could find a brand that helps them do that that’s wonderful, and we also know that if a brand gets in the way of a good experience there’s a 47% chance that consumers are going to walk away from that experience and maybe not come back. So I’m helping brands find that intersection of emotional motivation between them and what their audience cares most about. I call that intersection of Limbic Sparks that’s what creating Limbic Sparks is all about, people being emotionally motivated by what your brand is all about.