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Kevin Perlmutter:
Well, there are three things that I probably primarily do. One is I help brands focus, I help them focus on what makes them unique and desirable. Helping them articulate what it is about their brand that people should care about. The second thing I do is I help them connect. I help them connect better bite more deeply understanding the people that they want to reach, understanding what makes them tick, understanding what drives their thoughts, understanding what their desires are, their needs, their unmet needs, maybe even their unarticulated needs. And then the third thing I do is I help them evolve. I help them put the strategy that we develop through focus and connect into practice, and evolve, the way they communicate, perhaps the experiences that they put out there or the products and services that they offer. I help them evolve how their brand comes to life in ways that will be more emotionally desirable to the people that they want to reach.