Hans Zimmer: Making of Gladiator Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer: Making of Gladiator Soundtrack

By: Mix with the Masters

Gladiator arrived in cinemas at the turn of the millennium, a year with three zeroes in it and a straightforward claim to epoch making.

But rarely does a film turn up – a blockbuster, no less – that so clearly marks a break with the past and signals the future of filmmaking. Twenty years old this year, and the winner of five Academy Awards – including Best Picture – Gladiator fused contemporary big picture aesthetics with the historical drama of time gone by, paving the way for Game of Thrones300Troy, and Vikings, and practically any other film or series involving swords, sandals, and dirt.

It made Russell Crowe a household name, and despite production difficulties, boasted an incredible cast (including a young Joaquin Phoenix, and an old Oliver Reed and Richard Harris), as well as the power of Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner) in the director’s chair.

Yet in many ways, it is the film’s soundtrack, with era-defining music by Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard, and Klaus Badelt, that has had the longest tail.

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