How Marketers can Measure the Emotional Experience of Food and Drinks. 

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Podcast-Sonic seasoning.Eating with your ears. How music and sound affect the ways we experience food and drink-dr.charles-spence

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Very easy Research Methodology step in the Sound Design Thinking Process that Marketers can Implement in their Food and Drink Marketing Strategy!

Step 1:
✅ Recruit participants via the internet or at live events (pre-corona, in the new now)
✅ Collect survey data from between 1 000 – 10 000 respondents.
✅ Get the participants to taste your products in real life (recommended), if not possible, get them to imagine the taste and smell.
✅ Analysis the data.

Step 2:
✅ Take the research findings and work with a Sound Designer to turn them into 2-5 different Sonic Seasoning options based on your Sonic DNA.

Step 3:
✅ Collect new survey data from between 200 – 1000 respondents where they respond to the experience of the 2-3 chosen Sonic Seasoning with your product.
✅ Implement the chosen Sonic Seasoning in your marketing.
✅ Test the effect again after 3-6 months.