What brand leaders must know about the power of Audio Branding.

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Kevin Perlmutter
I’m standing in this garage its pitch black outside, its total darkness, total quiet, all I hear are like crickets and 10 minutes later I hear Vooom, Vooom, Vooom, and they stop the car in the garage right in front of me  and my mechanic gets out of the car, and it gives me the thumbs up, and I’m like “Yees! “. So anyway that’s the story of me getting that car.
Jasmine Moradi 
Wow, so impressing to hear you know you’re so passionate and the emotions and the memories. You seem to have a lot of you know had had a lot of fun working with sound, and now you’ve moved away a little from sound branding, and you broaden yourself into more emotional branding, but before we leave on this subject based on your expertise and learnings what would you say that brand leaders must know about the power of audio branding and what they have to implement in the strategies to stay competitive? 
Kevin Perlmutter
Well, I’m going to go in a couple different directions with that answer, I mean as it relates to audio branding I think it’s becoming more and more popular brands are starting to realize that the sound that their brand makes is important, and it definitely affects people at an emotional level whether you are planning what that sound is or it’s just happening. The sound of your brand has a lot of potential impact on people. What I took away from that experience beyond sound was the power of emotion and the power of emotion is something that’s often ignored or under leveraged by most brand leaders. They don’t recognize that emotion no matter how it comes to you through sound through smell through customer service through experiences that you have with the brand through the way a brand communicates with you for how responsive a brand is to your needs and desires these are all things that I recognized were so ignored by most brand leaders and CMOs for whatever reason, but the data is there that it’s incredibly important you.