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The right sound, at the right place for the right person. This is the essence of Lexter. It’s what we do. In the same way that furnishing and lighting can set an atmosphere and ambience in a room – so can sound. The right sound adds a dimension that strengthens your positive impressions. Used in the right way, sound can be a bearer of communication and information. Sound can surprise you, make you alert, encourage you to shop more, or simply make you feel good.

By taking care of the entire process, from idea to sound content and technical installation, we customize each solution based upon the preconditions. We always consider and base our solutions on the existing sound environment to increase harmony and result.

The purpose of our sound design is always function and
user-friendliness in which we always put the person in focus.

By working with ”sound showers” and other thoroughly tested technical solutions we ensure that our sound design is never annoying but instead works as a refined instrument. A dynamic instrument that can be the bearer of your message, improve the experience and build up your trademark in another dimension.

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