Limbic Sparks Strategy: AT&T PAC: Yours to Discover.

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Kevin Perlmutter:
So I had one opportunity to work with the AT&T Performing Arts Center, which is a non-profit in the city of Dallas Texas in the United States. This is a large non-profit, and they have an incredible campus with multiple buildings created by amazing European architects, and they  always have the most incredible shows and performances from around the world and local Dallas people on their stages. When I encountered them they were looking to figure out how they could create stronger connections with their audience. They were feeling like some of the people they wanted to reach weren’t feeling the connection to the brand that they were hoping for, and one of the things that we uncovered was that in their communications they were using a tagline that was called “Staging the Amazing”.
So it was AT&T Performing Arts Center “Staging the Amazing”, and the outcome of that tagline in that positioning was a lot of talking about the amazing things that happened on their stages, how incredible their buildings are, how great the performances are, how wonderful this is, how wonderful that is, and there was a lot to love there.
But there was also an opportunity to be more welcoming and inviting to encourage people to find out more about the Performing Arts Center and appeal to what people actually cared about the most, so we used the Limbic Sparks strategy approach that I described to you, and we spoke with a lot of people and developed a lot of ideas and came up with this idea that transformed their tagline and the essence of their strategy from “Staging the Amazing” to “Yours to Discover”. 
And now everything that they’re talking about is inviting and welcoming discovery of what they have to offer on their campus it’s tapping into the emotional insights and emotional benefits that they offer, which you can find new opportunities to enjoy times with your family you can discover new interests and passion areas. Maybe even find a new career path or hobby you could come on this campus and experience things that’ll be lasting moments and memories you can discover more things like in terms of expanding the way the offering goes out there they’re now able to talk about inviting discovery across multiple things and actually encouraging well you’ve done this why don’t you discover something else why don’t you discover something else and creating programs that actually encourage people to want to discover more I know that I want to fly enough to Texas and be a part of that