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Sound research is the mission of my life

In my last semester of studying Retail Management at Stockholm School of Economics, it was time to choose a topic for my thesis.  My interest in the use of background music in retail stores and its effects on consumers’ associations with a brand was raised during the course in-store marketing. The course discussed Milliman’s (1982) study on how supermarkets, with the help of background music, are able to influence customer behavior. I became curious whether the same effect could be obtained within consumer durable with a brand congruence approach. The topic was particularly relevant to study since there has been an emergence of several companies that strategically work with in-store background music, and since in-depth academic research on the subject is lacking.

My interest in in-store music also flourished after have been working with events for 10 years around Europe. Music is an important part of creating the atmosphere at events and clubs, so how come it is not seen as important in retail stores? Music is an important tool in order to enhance the experience, especially when the customer is so close to the purchase.

That is when I made this topic my mission to explore and expand, in the hope for educating brands around the world about the value of strategically working with brand-fit sound in every space; film, advertising, radio, pod, VR and in-store music. Today I have five years of experience conducting scientific field research and guiding brands in their sound strategy. 




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