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How are your audio assets subconsciously being perceived by your customers?

The Power of Audio + Science + AI is a podcast series educating on the power and future of audio branding. The increasing importance of audio to the brand marketer has grown multiple in the last few years and brands have just started recognizing the power of sound. This is one medium that you as a marketer and advertiser cannot afford to ignore.

I investigate how audio branding offers brands with boundless creative opportunities — from music in marketing to sound architecture, from AI to psychology and beyond — so the right sound is heard by consumers at the right time and in the right moment.

The episodes are created from the lens of the science of sound, and how context and data can power the effectiveness highlighting the possibilities in which sound can be used.

Listen to my intimate and in-depth conversations with my fellow industry colleagues from the MusicTech startup scene, Brand experts, Music Supervisors, Musicians, Engineers and Scientists to learn their background, philosophy and process — basically unlocking the secrets behind the power of audio, science and artificial intelligence for you to succeed with your audio branding experience. 

My guests are on the mission to increase the value of music by educating brands about the power of audio branding in storytelling. My podcast is for those who want to learn how to apply behavioral sound science for business success. Tune in!

My name is Jasmine Moradi, and I am a Behavioral Sound Scientist known in the music industry for having conducted the world's biggest scientific in-store music research reports with her ex-colleagues at Soundtrack Your Brand and HUI. I have an endless curiosity, passion and determination to discover the power that sound and music has on the brain and in branding.

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My mission

🎸 Educate the world about the power of audio through the lense of science and AI. 

🎸 Improve mental health with the power of sound and music. 

🎸 Work towards increasing the value of music so that artists receive the fair share of the economic value they create in our society. 

Join my movement! 


Guest experience

Kevin Perlmutter

Founder, Limbic Brand Evolution

I'm so thrilled that Jasmine invited me to join her on this podcast. We had such a fun and deep discussion about music, emotion, behavioral science, research, brand strategy and my favorite topic - creating Limbic Sparks™. Jasmine has a wonderful approach to bring the best, and great stories, out of people.

Dr. Bradley Vines

Chief Science Office Wavepaths

Thank you so much Jasmine. I really appreciate you having me onboard and it is a brilliant that you are sharing these subjects with people. It was a pleasure conversing with you! 

Dr. Johanne -Flecker

Executive coach and Founder
Sound Leadership

Thank you so much Jasmine for having me. Such a pleasure talking with you on everything around music. We have so much in common. I really feel honored and appreciate all the work you put into your questions and the final product. Thank you!

Ola Sars

CEO & Co-Founder Soundtrack Your Brand

Really enjoyed talking to the brilliant Jasmine Moradi on how B2B will become a major contributor in the future music-streaming-market, how we need to focus more on unlocking the value in music and how the music industry needs to stop giving its produce away for free!
Thank you Jasmine, it was fun!

Thomas Lidy

Chief Innovation Officer  Musimap

Excellent, it was a real pleasure being with you Jasmine and thanks a lot for being such a great host and for all the great work you put into this!

Martin Willers

CEO & Co-Founder Transparent

Thanks for a super talk and great pod Jasmine!

Steve Keller

Sonic Strategy Director Pandora

Thanks so much, Jasmine, for a including me in the conversation. Here's to harnessing the power of sound to make a positive difference in the way we hear and experience the world around us

Björn Thorleifsson

Senior Strategist

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this. Fantastic to find a like-minded fellow in such a niche field. Can't wait to follow your sonic journey. 

Magnus Rydén

VP Music
Soundtrack Your Brand

It is hard not to be affected by Jasmine's passion for sound. Thank you, it turned out great. 

Margareta Andersson

Sound Architect and Section Manager Efterklang.

I enjoyed very much talking to you.  You are good at what you do. Great work! 

Helena Kosinski

VP Global MRC Data

Thanks, Jasmine! Looks amazing and it was lovely talking to you. You put so much work into this, I appreciate it 🙂

Sven-Olov Daunfeldt

Head of Research Institute of Retail Economics

Thank you Jaz! It has been a pleasure being a part of your podcast. Always great fun with you! 

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5. Music as Medicine: – How Wavepaths's integration of AI, neuroscience and psychotherapy is unlocking the healing effect of music to design the future of mental health. In conversation with Dr. Bradley Vines, Chief Science Officer Wavepaths.

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