Producing great podcast for your business

Your costumer's
insights on air

Concept & Launch

We’ll together create the creative concept, sound design and market strategy of your new business podcast.

Interview and Record

I will research relevant guests from your customer database, create interview questions and conduct the entire recording process.


I will put together promo pieces and write helpful show notes so readers (and SEO crawlers) can make the most of your episodes.

I will be your producer, on-air host,
editor, and working directly with
your marketing team

1. Creative brainstorm

2. Concept, name & format

3. Host, voice & music

4. Recording equipment & location

5. Interview questions

6. Recruiting guests

7. Recording

8. Editing & post-processing

9. Hosting & publishing

10. Listener feedback

10 reasons why you
must have a company podcast

1. Meet your customers, on air

2. Share your costumer's story, on air

3. Create own produced content for social media and blog

4. Establish your audio presence to support broader business goals

5. Invite partners and influencers

6. Build a sound and audio identity

7. Drive more referral business