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Rightsify Background Music


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Rightsify provides music to thousands of businesses in more than 80 countries across the globe. Every day our music is experienced by over 3 million people across all facets of life. From cafes to shopping malls, hotels, spas, fitness centers, restaurants, train stations, airports, international flights and more. Rightsify provides the soundtrack to everyday life.

At Rightsify we provide a global background music service with all licenses and rights included. We are unique compared to other background music companies in that we work exclusively with independent artists who are not members of any PRO’s or collection societies anywhere in the world, because of this we can help you save significant costs on music licensing for your business. Whether you are a hotel, a retail chain, restaurant cafe, gym or spa, our library includes over 200,000 songs and more than 100 playlists so we can curate, source and create the perfect music for your brand while helping you adjust to the new normal and save money on music licensing.