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The smartest media platform on the planet is changing the way businesses everywhere control their soundtracks and engage their guests.

We want to change the way music and content are experienced everywhere, by everyone.
We’re Rockbot, a music and content delivery platform whose mission is to simply and reliably stream the right media to make a guest’s experience great. At Rockbot, we believe a music platform is the last thing you should worry about. So we took away everything that gives you a headache and replaced it with an incredibly powerful and remarkably simple solution. Rockbot is always on, on target, never repetitive, relentlessly reliable, and works flawlessly to stay in tune with your customers, your business.

Music creates connections, and happy customers.
In 2009, Garrett Dodge and Ketu Patel launched Rockbot, becoming the first company to dynamically stream music for businesses of all sizes, shapes and styles. Our founders were uniquely qualified to shake up the status quo: Garrett came from the hospitality industry, where atmosphere is everything; Ketu from the entertainment technology sector, where new delivery systems were redefining what’s possible. Together they started Rockbot to create a modern music and content delivery platform that is easy-to-use and easy-to-love. We believe that, when done right, background music and content engages customers and creates better brand experiences. But somewhere along the line, it became complicated. Rockbot takes everything we enjoy about music and brings it to work, enlisting a modern technology stack and purposeful architecture to scale and adapt to each business or enterprise need. More than powerful, Rockbot is simple. We understand how our customers think and create innovative solutions to make their life easier. We believe we can change the way people and businesses experience music anywhere they go. Our first customers remain customers today, and we continue to extend the same principles of hospitality and technology to the thousands of customers we serve every day.