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My mission is to take the pulse of sound

With mismatched sound, space evokes mental disorders.

However,without sound, a space feels storyless.

With mismatch sound, a Brandspace is misunderstood.

– Jasmine Moradi 

Effects of employees’ opportunities to influence in-store music on sales at Filippa K

The results from the experiment show that sales decreased by, on average, 6% in treatment stores when employees had the opportunity to influence the music played in the store.

in-store-music-research-Effects-of-employees-opportunities-to-influence-in-store-music-on-sales. HUI-Research-Jasmine-Moradi-Soundtrack-Your-Brand

In-store music research


Music research



It is time to “Scientifically start designing space for our ears, and emotions it evokes, to improve the well-being in our workplaces. Conference speech at "Smart Conversation Conference" Mexico 2019.

Data-driven song



Data-driven song recognition

According to our model’s parameters, a music song needs almost 7 weeks in the charts to achieve a very slow velocity towards oblivion and at least 25 weeks to achieve its highest contemporary recognition;

Music tech

2017- 2020


To serve the increasingly complex needs of the music ecosystem, FuturePulse will develop and pilot test a novel, close to market music platform in three high-impact use cases: Record Labels Live Music Online Music Platforms

The hidden value in music for business

Music makers are potentially missing out on $2.65 billion annually.

Soundtrack Your Brand The hidden value in music for business

Background music value


In-store music research


The-impact-of music-in-restaurants-In-store-music-research-Jasmine-Moradi-Soundtrack -Your-Brand-HUI

The impact of music in restaurants

A great soundtrack can enhance a restaurant experience, make guests stay longer and spend more. In this study, we wanted to find out 1 just how much music matters. Our research showed an increase of 9,1 % when brand-fit music was played.

What does your brand sound like?

Brand fit background music is a game changer for retailers. Our research showed that sales increased with 31 % with brand-fit music playing.


In-store music research