Bridging the audio business - sound science gap

How are your Audio Assets subconsciously
being perceived by your customers?
Are you optimizing your Audio ROI
by measuring your customers' brand
perception and desired behavior?

I will find what makes your customers tick.
I am an expert in Audio Research based on Behavioral Science.

What does your brand sound like
in the ears of your costumers?

It is time to start Managing and Quantifying the Value of your Audio Branding in all Brand Touchpoints.
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Commercial & Non-commercial places


Product & & Tech devices


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What I Do


The Study of Sound in
Marketing, Products and Spaces.

I help the World’s Leading Brands, Ad Agencies, Creative Organizations, and In-House Marketing Departments to Implement Sound Research Capability and Technologies in their Design Process. I do this by being the Link between the Scientifically Proven Audio Analytics Research Tools and the Audio Brand Assets.

I use Behavioral Science to  Quantify the Consumer Impact of Audio Branding. Furthermore, I provide Evidence Based Research Findings as a Basis for Decision-Making in the Design and Development Process.

I Bridge the Audio Business – Sound Science Gap by Scientifically Conducting Research to deliver recommendations that produce both Tangible and Intangible Value. I help CMOs Monitor Audio KPIs to Pptimize Customer Experience and Marketing in every Audio Touchpoint.

What Makes Your Customers Tick?

Groundbreaking in-Store music research


Sound is the Hidden Art of Brand Storytelling. With Mismatched Sound, Space Evokes Mental Disorders. However, without Sound, a Space Feels storyless. With Mismatch Sound, a Brandspace is Misunderstood. What Does Your Space Sound Like?

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Jasmine has been instrumental in building the research arm of Soundtrack Your Brand and has created amazing results in a very short time for us. As Head of Research I have witness Jasmine's extraordinary intrapreneurial skills, driving concepts and ideas from a strategic perspective, but always executing tactically with speed and quality. Meeting budgets, stakeholder expectations and goals are testaments to her ability to keep it all together and never get intimidated by whatever obstacles and challenges are throwers at her along the way. Always with a warm smile and sense of taking great pride in the job. Jasmine gets things done!
Jasmine has demonstrated a high level of analytical and strategic ability under the FuturePulse project. She has been very committed, driven, and has taken initiative and responsibility for several key parts in terms of international major research and knowledge production. She is a very enthusiastic person who quickly creates results. Without her in the project, we had not had the same degree of planning and structured implementation of the studies conducted.
Jasmine is very driven in all projects she gets involved with and she ensures everything goes according to plan. Jasmine is also excellent in quantitative and qualitative interviews. What I most like about her is her flexibility when the project in NYC did not go as plan, which it often happens in projects. In this situation, Jasmine was very solution-focused and fixed the situation well. Jasmine is a driven and effective business woman that is not afraid to address problems that arise.
Jasmine is a powerhouse of effectiveness and has been a source of energy and comfort for me during the last three years at Soundtrack. She has a way of cutting the bullshit and trying to get things done, which I subscribe to highly myself. Wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jasmine again in the future, and can recommend her to anyone in need of a team member that gets sh*t moving.
It has been a pleasure to co-operate with Jasmine in groundbreaking business research projects. Besides exceptional skills in business-oriented research design, survey methods, project management, and analysis, Jasmine has demonstrated superior skills to interact with and influence stakeholders at different levels of partner and customer organizations.
It’s been so fun to get to know Jasmine and her contribution to MFF is really impressive. She has both managed to develop a strong business plan, driven and coordinated projects and contributed a lot of energy and ideas. I will miss her a lot!