What does your space sound like?

Spaces Speak,
Are You Listening?

Jasmine Moradi’s scientifically proven Sonology methodology helps
CMO’s quantify the human experience of sound-in-space.


My Process

My scientifically proven Sonology methodology helps CMOs quantify the human experience of sound-in-space.

I do this by quantifying the value of Aural Architecture, the human experience of sound-in-space, by scientifically conducting offline and online data-driven marketing measurements. Audio ROI by testing your brand-fit music and soundscapes against your brand perception, customer behaviour and store experience.

Your space’s Aural Architecture Diagnostic will show the affective, cognitive, and behavioural effects of the brand-fit music and soundscapes, which can be applied to maximise the customer experience.
The return of the aural architecture research investment will attract more loyal customers, offer a positive store experience, reduce advertising costs and increase sales.


I’m actively considering scientifically incorporating sound into the spaces where people move and work.

“Sound is the hidden art of brand storytelling.
With mismatched sound, space evokes mental disorders.
However, without sound, a space feels storyless.
With mismatch sound, a brand space is misunderstood.”​
– Jasmine Moradi

Aural Diagnostic

Analysing and validating your SpaceSound by evaluating your companies brand identity, space flow, staff and customer brand perception.

Qualitative User Research

We conduct in-depth interviews with your staff and customers, both in-store and online.

In-Store Music Research

We design and conduct scientifically in-store music research according to our proven research methodology.

Sound Design Implementation

We curate sound and music according to your BrandSound by professional sound designers.

Quantitative User Research

We produce survey design, data collection and advanced analysis with your staff and customers, both in-store and online.

Sonic Brand Analysis

To maximise brand-fit impact, we design, measure, and validate your Sonic DNA against your emotional brand strategy.

Expertise at Touch Points

Commercial spaces

Healthcare spaces


We walk the space to discover
the actual perception and impact of your
SpaceSound in your marketplace.

Our Sonology methodology holistically analysis and evaluates brand sound from an all dimensional point of view. Understand how your brand sounds like and maximise the impact by combining your brand identity and brand image. Recognise which moods, emotions, and attributes your current use of sound conveys by asking your employees and customers and looking at your sales data. I analyse your brand sound in detail using my comprehensive, proven sound methodology in every space; commercial, health or workplace.

Groundbreaking in-Store music research

"Increasing the value of music through
scientific research is the passion
and mission of my life".

My interest in in-store music flourished when I started studying Retail Management at Stockholm School of Economics and worked 15 years in the event industry around Europe. I asked myself, “Music is an important part of creating the atmosphere at events and in the movies, but how come it is not seen as important in commercial spaces, in healthcare or at workplaces?”

My research journey began in 2015 when I worked as the Head of Research at Soundtrack Your Brand for four years, the world’s leading B2B streaming music service providing mood-based soundtracks.

My uniqueness is that I have one foot in the research world and the other in the business world, with the skill to translate research results into business intelligence. I have, through the years, developed a scientifically proven aural architecture research methodology.

I am known for being the force and leader of four top world research projects,

I have also been the Research Director for FuturePulse, an EU Horizon 2020 research project on behalf of Soundtrack Your Brand.

My mission is to keep researching the value of Aural Architecture and educate brands worldwide about the importance of strategically working with brand-fit music in every space, commercial, health, or work.

My vision is to increase the value of music so that artists receive the fair share of the economic value they create in our society and heal the world through music.