Special report: Background audio to the fore

Special report: Background audio to the fore


Shops, drinking establishments and eateries have fallen silent at different times under Covid-19 restrictions but, as Kevin Hilton reports, background music and sound in general continues to play a big and increasingly sophisticated role for these businesses.

Music studies
This aspect of audio was highlighted in a survey conducted by retail management students Jasmine Moradi and Gabriella Johansson in 2015, in association with background music technology developer Soundtrack Your Brand and Swedish fashion chain GANT. Among the study’s findings was that background music reflecting a company’s branding increased the time customers spent in a store that had been using “incongruent background music” by 1.58 percent. In situations where targeted playlists were used in stores that had not played background music previously, the amount of time spent shopping rose by 42.24 percent.

In their conclusions for more effective audio in retail and hospitality, Moradi and Johansson recommended that companies should drop CDs and “private playlists” in favour of centralised music management that worked in conjunction with other in-store factors, such as decor, scents, lighting and even the staff. Many installers are now working along similar lines, often bringing in influences from sectors that were hitherto unconnected with shops, bars and restaurants.

Source: Installation International