Episode 13: In conversation with Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, Head of Research at Institute of Retail Economics.

Soundtrack Your Brand's Groundbreaking In-Store Music Research: ​

Brand-fit background music increases sales, affects customer perception and store staff satisfaction.

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Soundtrack Your Brand's Groundbreaking In-Store Music Research-Brand-fit background music increases sales,
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Soundbite #1 
Sven-Olov Daunfeldt has the best research job in the world.   

Soundbite #2 04:00
Meet Sweden’s coolest hard rock and heavy metal professor.

Soundbite #3 08:22
“The Influence of Music on Consumer Behavior” –  Music Matters and the Devil is in the Details.

Soundbite #4 14:13 
The successful music strategy of Starbucks – what brands should learn.  

Soundbite #5 19:40
“The Impact of Music in Restaurants” – groundbreaking in-store music research on why the sound of Ed Sheeran helps sell fries. 

Soundbite #6 34:05
Why randomized music experiment is the key to capture the causal effects.

Soundbite #7 35:11 
It’s proven – music has a huge effect on store employees. Shoot me! Literally!

Soundbite #8  41:58
Choose between the store employees’ happiness of  influencing the in-store music, or losing sales?

Soundbite #9 53:03
Stop turning on the radio, your choice of in-store music makes or breaks your business. 

Soundbite #10  58:51
Experiential marketing is the next big thing post COVID-19 where the music stands in the center of the experience.

Soundbite #11  1:02:00
Can sound decrease store theft?