The Science of Music: Pathways to the Future

The Science of Music: Pathways to the Future

Norma Hickox

Music has been only thought of and loved as an art form in the past. This must change and it must be raised up at this time to its true position as the Father of all Science.-The Science of Music is a science of unification.

There is a way, through music, to communicate with all kingdoms. This way will be given through the Vibratory Charts that will come out of the Science of Music. Music is the communication link or language not only between all of nature, but also between all of the universes. -The Science of Music is another way of stating that the universe is made up of vibratory rates. Everything in all facets of nature has this vibratory rate. Every living cell no matter where it is found, and even if it is no longer alive, emits a musical tone as its fingerprint. -The Science of Music can be the “tie that binds” religion and science together.

To do this we need to take music theory several steps higher into the field of science. In the beginning these will only be baby steps. As it is progressed it will eventually become the main science over all the other sciences. -The Science of Music can be applied to seven sciences to enhance and enrich our lives in many ways. There are plans for a new solar energy system, new schools designed to open the creative channel in very young children, a new blood test machine, a healing machine, new ways to grow more and better crops, a centrally located water reservoir for the country and much more.

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