Adelphoi Music

Adelphoi Music

Music and sound for brands and agencies

Music and sound for brands and agencies.

Adelphoi Music has been many things — music collective, record label, studio, sync operation, brand partner, foley recorder and superproducer, but the thing that has kept it constant through change is a strong sense of family. Of brothers — or in Greek, adelphoi.

Adelphoi Music was founded in the early 90s as a record label by musicians and songwriters Kirk Zavieh and Charles Hodgkinson, both friends from St Paul’s School in London and at Cambridge University. Charles had been an Exhibitioner at the Royal College of Music from age 10, touring the US as a violinist, and in the National Youth Orchestra. Kirk on the other hand was a self-taught, singer-songwriter, learning jazz guitar and piano by ear. Together they started writing and producing songs and formed a music collective based in Endell Street, Covent Garden.

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