Retail NZ Blog: Using music in your business – music licensing 101

Retail NZ Blog: Using music in your business – music licensing 101

Playing music in-store can be as important as how you display your products, the lighting you choose and your store fit-out. Research has shown that music has a profound effect on customer behaviour, keeping people in-store longer and improving the customer experience. In one study, researchers found that playing music in a retail environment can increase the time customers spend in-store by over 42% (1).

While everyone enjoys hearing music in their favourite store, not everyone knows that to use music in a business setting you need permission from the creators of the music you play.  Music creators have exclusive rights to the music they create (as set out in the Copyright Act), and when businesses want to play or copy their music, music creators have
the right to ask for payment for this use. This is one of the main ways that music creators make a living, and enables them to keep making the music that helps your store hum.

Having permission from music creators to play music in-store is a legal requirement, and is required regardless of how you play music – whether you play the radio, use internet streaming services, websites, or use a CD player or a digital music player.

OneMusic takes the headache out of getting the permission you need to use music with quick and easy music licences for the retail industry. Without OneMusic, businesses would have to seek permission from every songwriter, artist and record label of the music they want to play.

OneMusic is the licensing arm of the two organisations that administer music rights in New Zealand – APRA (who represent songwriters and composers) and Recorded Music NZ (who represent the people that own sound recordings –usually recording artists and record labels).  Both organisations are non-profit member organisations, meaning that after administration fees, all licence fees collected are paid to music creators as royalties.

Look out for the OneMusic Licensed to Play stickers – this shows the business is supporting music creators through holding a OneMusic licence. A OneMusic licence gives you a licence to play music from all corners of the globe, and helps to keep the world of music turning.

1) Johansson & Moradi 2015

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