Bridging the Gap Between Users, Design and Product Metrics.

What Makes Your
Customers Tick?

Natural usage & Design options

Usability Interview

Context, Pain Point & Intent

In-Dept User Interviews

Attitudinal and quantitative data

Survey Method

Educating Brand Leaders about
the Power of Emotions on How
to Speak to Consumers Heart.

Helping Brand Leaders to Drive Insights from Consumer Research,
by Unveiling Connections Between Consumers' Heart & Minds and Behavior.

1. Plan

I get up to speed and align on  project goals, audiences and KPIs.

2. Recruit

I conduct a rigorous recruiting and screening process to find representative users.

3. Research

I choose the relevant research method. 

4. Workshop

I facilitate a 1-day remote workshop with research observation, analysis, and ideation.

5. Report

I deliver a summary report with all findings, solution ideas and recordings.