Bridging the gap between users, design and product metrics

Discover your customer retention and acquisition challenges through User Experience Research​

What actually makes your customers tick?
Natural usage & design options

Usability Interview

Context, pain point & intent

User Interviews

Attitudinal and quantitative data

Survey Method

I will identify what makes your customers tick through Behavioural Science and User Experience. The key is to uncover the actual connection between your consumers’ heart, mind & behaviour, and your product through different scientifically proven methodologies. Your company will be able to turn these impactful insights into a superior product, a more powerful content marketing strategy and a robust research capability.

1. Plan

I get up to speed and align on  project goals, audiences and KPIs.

2. Recruit

I conduct a rigorous recruiting and screening process to find representative users.

3. Research

I choose the relevant research method. 

4. Workshop

I facilitate a 1-day remote workshop with research observation, analysis, and ideation.

5. Report

I deliver a summary report with all findings, solution ideas and recordings.  



I had the pleasure to work with Jasmine during our time at Utopia Music where she supported our product team as a Senior UX Researcher. Thanks to her outstanding work, we were able to structure the understanding of our customers in the best way possible and were able to build a solid foundation for our UX research project. Apart from her skills as an excellent UX Researcher, Jasmine is a very dedicated person that completes every task she has started and is always thriving to deliver results that the product team could use for the product development. When presenting the results, Jasmine always managed to bring clarity through well-chosen frameworks and structured layouts that were much appreciated. All in all, I really enjoyed working with Jasmine and can highly recommend her as a highly-skilled UX researcher.
Jasmine was a great professional to work with. We worked together at Utopia Music and she helped me a lot to get started and also to understand UX & customer research process. Her work ethic is immaculate and so easy to work together with. She goes out of her way to order to deliver excellent results. Thanks a lot, Jasmine! Your work has set up a solid foundation here for all future research activities.