What is UX Research?

What is U(ser) X(perience) Research? #

What is U(ser) X(perience) Research?
UX stands for User Experience, which means the overall experience you (the user) are having using a company’s product and/or services such as a website, mobile application, or software. Ask yourself, how comprehensible do I find the information on Amazon’s website? How smoothly do I find purchasing shoes via Zalando’s app? How pleasant do I find the overall use of HelloFresh’s services to solve my grocery needs?

What is a UX Researcher’s task? #

So for companies to be able to design and build a product or service right the first time a UX researcher’s task is to conduct multidimensional research methodologies in the form of studies and tests to understand the behavior of the people using the digital products or services. We listen to “what you say”, observe “what you do” and communicate your needs and pain points with our designers and developers.

What is a UX Researcher’s task? #

Every company strives after making sure that their users (you) are having the most seamless and pleasant experience every time when interacting with their brand and products. Why? Because if you are happy, it brings them revenue and a competitive advantage. If you are not happy, you will choose another brand’s products and maybe even leave a bad review. As a customer, you have high expectations, and you want your experience of interacting with digital products to be enjoyable, seamless, and hassle-free. We use behavioral science and user experience research to close the gap between your needs and expectations and the offered product.

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