What Happens to Your Brain When You Eat and Listen to Music?

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Podcast-Sonic seasoning.Eating with your ears. How music and sound affect the ways we experience food and drink-dr.charles-spence

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✅ 🧠  What Happens to Your Consumer’s Brain When they Eat And Listen To Music? 👇🏼

📌 Loud Music (Choice of Music + High/Low Volume)
If they don’t like it = it will suppress their taste.
If they like it = it will increase drink consumption.

📌 Different Music Styles & Tempos
The choice of food the consumers choose can be bias by the music they hear in the background. Pavarotti = lasagna, Flamenco = paella.
Classical music = consumers spend more money, and they can find your products more luxury.

📌 Liking the Music
Sensation Transference = more consumers like what they listen to, more they say they like what they are eating.